Raw Wisdom

by Vizier & Ben Z

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'Raw Wisdom' is a collaborative single by producer Vizier of Dubai, UAE and emcee Ben Z of Madison, WI. Together they present exactly what the song title leads you to expect: raw hip hop drums and samples with thick lyrical wisdom. After you hear this song, you will agree that Vizier is properly holding down hip hop in Dubai, and you will co-sign Ben Z's SoundCloud following of 26,000.


Verse 1
Wisdom broken unsifted listen
it takes refining to get the glisten
in caverns and mines of the mind I'm chipping
breaking and tearing the surface stripping
silica sand I'm in a process gritting
grinding the grid till the gold i'm lifting
a deep well dug but we keep on digging
to the bedrock, sediment, gravel and asphalt
spirits rocks hit the flask at the last call
smoke the spark try to grasp at the past yall
remember the beauty of your life like in last fall
but that's all-over, and over,
and over again repetitious my friend
we pretend we can mend with the wisdom we send
the world that's a pearl that we see in our lense

Verse 2
raw yet invaluable so do not forsake it
waste it, or let it go, complacent
it can't be abated, negated, evaded,
or any other thing that implies some faking
strive for the greatness, and lies cannot face this
be wise with the basics, and sly with your paces
through mountains, and mesas, valleys and places
every single day, despite life's phases
or flavors just take this, and tell me what it's worth
I work to birth the vision when it is at term
cause I yearn to learn with wisdom discern
magnetic magnesium attractive burn
blind by the burst of the bright bold words
I lead and serve search the absurd
yet speak no slur to be sure that I'm heard

meaning unrefined
in the state you find
with the dirt combined
when I state my mind


released April 29, 2013
Instrumental by Vizier: soundcloud.com/vizier
Lyrics, vocals, & vocal production by Ben Z: soundcloud.com/benzmusic-1

Mastered by Amethyst Audio: soundcloud.com/amethyst-audio

2013 www.benzmusic.com



all rights reserved


Ben Z Madison, Wisconsin

Ben Z - Madison, WI

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