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by Ben Z

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On Thursday, June 20th, 2013, Madison, Wisconsin-based hip hop artist Ben Z released his second SoundCloud compilation album, “my *new* mixtape”.
“my *new* mixtape” will certainly appeal to a wide audience with its variety of production styles resulting from Ben Z's extensive SoundCloud collaborations. Furthermore, the lyrical style that has defined Ben Z is strong throughout the album. From start to finish this project truly highlights the global SoundCloud hip hop scene.

“my *new* mixtape” features guest emcees such as Abramz Tekya, Roberto Rivera, Brasco, Didjelirium, Conflicthiphop, BioLogic, and more! The album features producers from Madison and around the world including Imperial, Funky Notes, Foxaz Beats, and Original Vision.

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released June 20, 2013

released 20 June 2013
All lyrics were written by the vocalist that performs them.
All of Ben Z's vocals were recorded by Ben Zastrow in Madison, WI

Instrumentals were created by the producer listed on each track.

Featured Producers

Track 1. Untold Mystery:
Track 2. Vizier:
Track 3. Funky Notes:
Track 4. Blazeitdown:
Track 5. Produced by Ben Z w/ Credit to the SoundCloud Heroes for audio stems
Track 6. Imperial:
Track 7. Foxas Beats:
Track 8. Agent of Change:
Track 9: Original Vision:
Track 10: Naanva:
Track 11: LoopholeUK:
Track 12: hunkE:
Track 13: Edouard Trolliet:
Bonus Track: Untold Mystery:

Featured Emcees/Vocals

Track 4:

Track 6:
Abramz Tekya:
Roberto Rivera:
Monica Dockery:

Track 7:
Outsider Muzic:

Track 11:
Traipse Resolute:

Artwork by Laura Zastrow:



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Ben Z Madison, Wisconsin

Ben Z - Madison, WI

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Track Name: This Life (Untold Mystery Remix)
Inserted in the circuit, there is beauty in the curse/
my purpose and my work is facilitating birth/
from the dirt hit by the light through the pen I use to write/
inciting my insight to make beautiful the blight/

this life...this life/

so I pursue the gloom till I burn through my shoes/
transduce the doom and watch life fully bloom/
on the canvas is room another scene or two/
the schematic I drew, never blew the fuse/

this life...this life/
Track Name: Ben Z & Vizier - Raw Wisdom
Verse 1
Wisdom broken unsifted listen
it takes refining to get the glisten
in caverns and mines of the mind I'm chipping
breaking and tearing the surface stripping
silica sand I'm in a process gritting
grinding the grid till the gold i'm lifting
a deep well dug but we keep on digging
to the bedrock, sediment, gravel and asphalt
spirits rocks hit the flask at the last call
smoke the spark try to grasp at the past yall
remember the beauty of your life like in last fall
but that's all-over, and over,
and over again repetitious my friend
we pretend we can mend with the wisdom we send
the world that's a pearl that we see in our lense

Verse 2
raw yet invaluable so do not forsake it
waste it, or let it go, complacent
it can't be abated, negated, evaded,
or any other thing that implies some faking
strive for the greatness, and lies cannot face this
be wise with the basics, and sly with your paces
through mountains, and mesas, valleys and places
every single day, despite life's phases
or flavors just take this, and tell me what it's worth
I work to birth the vision when it is at term
cause I yearn to learn with wisdom discern
magnetic magnesium attractive burn
blind by the burst of the bright bold words
I lead and serve search the absurd
yet speak no slur to be sure that I'm heard

meaning unrefined
in the state you find
with the dirt combined
when I state my mind
Track Name: Timeless (Funky Notes Remix)
these bones this flesh who am I when I die?
on earth right now I'm alive as a scribe
from the present to the future I high step stride
just wide eyed guy, I collide
right into the past with the passing time
but the dry bones rise at the call of my cry
my breath and my voice still resound in the sky
bound by the time plane now I arrive
wherever someone is getting down with my rhyme
recorded wave form as I polish my grind
yes this power is mine with a powerful mind
to leave it behind as the hours will chime
I vibe, another tower I climb
cause an art done well is alive beyond time
preservation of a craft that at last I refined
from muse to jester then a master enshrined
Track Name: They Don't Have the Stamina
Verse 1
it's dime a dozen
for mainstream brainwash

yet we're grinding under
articulate chain saws

vigilante gunning
at mass produced lame songs

see I kinda wonder
why they are the same songs

like ratta tat tat with a click clack its sad
that you still don't know

they've been making you impostors
stomp on top your own soul

better learn how to chop with a proper flow
midwest here and I'm on my roll

go solo roam when I'm on my own
through the microphone cord into your dome

I'm molding hope on the road I go
no toll I owe cause I own my own

I know you're told don't show your glow
though it shines so bright and golden bro

we'll take that down with a shoulder hold
and rise above their lowest low

I know my goal
self control

a master in action
is sacred in his day

a rapper with passion
leaves waves in his wake

but laughter is absent
when fakes take praise

and actors are acting
like they run the game

rapping about that faster life
they don't have the stamina

numb to all the pain and strife
they don't have the stamina

succumbing to their strongest vice
they don't have the stamina

looking out through blurry sights
they don't have the stamina

Verse 2
hip hop and a kick drop
and stick hit on the rim shot

vocals in the mix - I
rhyme right to the tip top

finish no pit stop
flow beyond the sick slop

gimmicks from piss pot
they're desperate, and did flop

listen up this track is hot
room to grow - expansion slot

- substantial, this isn't pop
but it's written out in common font

past the height of a cosmonaut
verbally flowing out ambiance

what is there outside your wants
the global youth need our response

- not nonchalance –
cause so many will live in pain

insane they bang till they all are slain
cock the glock bust shots and thangs

wonder how they're ever gonna find that break
with the weight everyday they're under now they strain

drop the game – just drop the game
drop the game – just drop the game

triple or double or five times over
still you're slow son I thought I told you

I'm putting in work up in my dojo
all that's left now is your photo

you died in the ride when the car collide
drunk and high so fly...good bye

y'all living a lie will limit your time
but I emcee deep when I write my rhymes
Track Name: Cuzco (LoopholeUK Remix)
Verse 1
twenty three years walking this path
trying find the way but keeps looking back
never realizing he wasn't even trapped
in the first place when he left that land
no better off now than when he met the sand
the sun shines down and burns this man
peeling from the heat man, forget getting a tan
but he can't his view has a slant
that's why he ran with no plan and he's standing stranded
wishing that he would've kept the life he was handed
reflecting now he sees he took it for granted
yet must keep scanning for the future landing
in the place that he dreams will have answers spanning
the width of his life questions chanting
where's a genie in a bottle with the wishes granting
there it is in that oasis as he falls down panting

Hook in Spanish (Traipse Resolute)
Yo veo el mundo tan poco profundo
Toda va sin rumbo asi que me pregunto
por que busco algo tan perdido como Cuzco
por que lucho aunque no termino con mucho

Rough English translation:
I see the world so shallow
Everything goes without a direction / so I ask myself
Why am I searching for something so lost as Cuzco
Why am I fighting even though I don't end up with much

Verse 2
Every book stacked high would pass the sky
knowledge we obtained till the day we die
when our brains will dry like it never even mattered
on those days you cried days you tried
to understand it all till your brains were fried
pain inside wonder why it even is
that we stay alive with this tainted vibe
to escape we try cause this place will lie
I look for another way a way to run away
far away to evade the way I'm living my days
to be brave forge force an escape
to be great more sources to take
what I need to believe like a drink from a lake
but I wait I'm behind the gate
the mass and the weight of knowledge obtained
answers even less left to strain

Verse 3
Beauty and misery
the future and history
truth and mystery
invade so blissfully
they ebb and flow so cyclically
they tread real slow but not visibly
we are blind to our minds own trickery
from a seed growing tall like a hickory
but one will not find it on an endless journey
it will not become apparent when your on that gurney
I could yell it out the loudest but I'd doubt you heard me
it the only thing in life that will stand so sturdy
try to balance there upon it flips you topsy turvey
no matter how pure it seems to some it's dirty
You can find it in an eon well, maybe thirty
so settle on down why this hurry?
Track Name: Houdini (hunkE Remix)
Verse 1
I'll never know another like Houdini
one who could come through and leave so freely

when it came to the cypher he would rhyme so speedy
speak with a knowledge of pain so deeply

the homie never greedy in fact he was needy
left on like street like graffiti

every night he would light up a bag of the green leaf
and fight with his might for a key to type delete

loosing every battle never veni vidi vicci
believe me

if one deserved a break it would definitely be he
ten years ago the last day that was peachy

the hand that was dealt to the man Houdini
demanded some help but he ran so freely

vanishing again to the land of the weed
breathe deeply

skin covered with cuts slices and burns
he dug with his knife what he felt he deserved

fell to the dirt, cause he felt all the hurt
yell and he'd curse, tell all the birds

hell wasn't worse than the cell of his birth
selling his nerves then quell it with herb

he'd spell and work so well with the verbs
relevant verse with eloquent words

yet hella disturbed – word
left to the curb - stirred

then I heard - slurred
before all this occurred

a son with hope and eyes of joy
in this man so badly burned

by a place with rage in the rain insane
slain as the earth would turn

watch it happen - wonder how
angels fall they crash on down

queens and kings no longer now
once so proud but broke their crowns

castles burned – in the clouds
now they walk here on the ground

voice is gone – can not shout
all they know is pain and doubt
Track Name: This Life (Edouard Trolliet Remix)
Inserted in the circuit, there is beauty in the curse/
my purpose and my work is facilitating birth/
from the dirt hit by the light through the pen I use to write/
inciting my insight to make beautiful the blight/

this life...this life/

so I pursue the gloom till I burn through my shoes/
transduce the doom and watch life fully bloom/
on the canvas is room another scene or two/
the schematic I drew, never blew the fuse/

this life...this life/